Located on the eastern part of Indochinese peninsula, Vietnam is shaped like the letter “S”. It is bordered by China to the North, Cambodia and Laos to the west and the East Sea to the East. Vietnam is a unique country with variety of terrain and natural environment, rich in culture and custom and religion. Besides, not only does Vietnam have numerous fabulous and beautiful landscapes, but also is attractive with many aspects to visitors from peaceful countryside to the daily life of the locals. The travel to Vietnam will be definitely unforgettable to visitors.

Vietnam is endowed with long coastline with beautiful and stunning sandy beaches (including Tra Co, Lang Co, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Ha Tien…) and imposing mountain ranges (including Truong Son, Hoang Lien Son…). Besides, the diverse nature, Vietnam is famous for its long lasting history, rich culture and custom. Vietnamese religion has been mainly influenced by the combination of three traditional religions (Buddhism, Confucianism, and Catholicism). In particularly, Vietnamese food is very unique and diverse. Vietnamese food is based on the balance of Yin and Yang and is divided into 3 typical types based on the regions, people in the South like sweetness, hot spice is more preferred in the Center but it is the combination in the North.



HanoiThe cultural symbol and historic proud of Vietnam with a strange beauty, safety, tree lined boulevards and French colonial villas. Hanoi has both ancient and modern features with old quarter and shopping centers. Small streets with old houses and friendly people will bring the visitors a true peace.

Central highland 

DalatEndowed with high mountains, vast primal forests and breathtaking waterfalls. The special combination of wildlife, houses on stilts, folk dances, elephant rides and ethnic communities makes the real difference with other parts in Vietnam and surely brings visitors unforgettable moments.


HoianUNESCO World Cultural Heritage; was used to serve as the port of trade with the Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese and Chinese during the 17th and 18th centuries. Hoian is famous for tailor-made shops and typical specialties.


Wonderful tourism sites with a dense network of canals and small rivers as well as green islets, bustling floating markets and diverse orchards. It is really interesting when sitting on the small boats for relaxing and enjoy regional specialties and see boats filled with fruits passing and waiting for traders and customers.


Jonque_HalongUNESCO World Heritage and recognized as “Jewel in the Crown of Vietnam”. The bay is a unique art work of nature and a fine combination between sculpture and painting. 3,000 islands rising from the clear, emerald water look like fairy-tale castles with rocky spires and hidden caves.


SaigonNot only known for its hustle and modern skyscrapers but also historical sites, culture of Vietnamese community and South East Asia. Besides, visitors are attracted by architecture system from the French colony with distinctive styles and arts such as, Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral – a romantic beauty of Paris or Saigon Opera House and People’s Committee Building – a French Third Republic style.

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